Unix Server

Unix servers are no ready-made systems, but solutions especially for your business needs.
As such we understand your equipment and provide not only upgrades and modifications for example system boards,
hard disk drives and I/O modules, but also used or refurbished complete systems of the following manufacturers and


  • Integrity Server
    • rx4640, rx6600, rx7640, rx8640
  • HP9000 Server
    • rp3440, rp3440, rp4440, rp7420, rp8420


  • SUN Sparc Enterprise Server
    • M3000
    • M4000
    • M5000
    • M8000

SUN Microsystems

  • Enterprise Server 
    • E4900
    • E6900
    • E25000 (25k)
  • Fire Server
    • V490
    • V890
  • T Series Server
    • T1000/T2000
    • T5120/T5140/T5220/T5240/T5440

Fujitsu / Fujitsu Siemens

  • Primepower
    • PW250
    • PW450
    • PW680/850/900
    • PW1500
  • Sparc Enterprise Server
    • M3000
    • M4000
    • M8000

By the way: We are permanently interested in rebuying such servers. Do you have one of the models listed
above or similar one?
Please contact us!
We will submit a back-buying offer.