HP Industry Standard Server

As a HP Preferred Partner we are specialized in the following systems of the HP product portfolio:

HP ProLiant DL Server
The best selling ProLiant DL (rack optimized) servers deliver decades of engineering and integration
experience designed to speed the implementation of new business computing technology.

HP ProLiant ML Server
HP ProLiant ML servers are ideal for small, remote or branch office environments, and offer maximum
in-chassis flexibility and all-inclusive server/storage solutions.

HP ProLiant Server-Blades
The very tightly arranged server-blades are ideal for data centers and use with external storage,
and offer maximum computing power in space, power and cooling saving designs.

Dell Industry Standard Server

The DELL PowerEdge servers have been developed for the flexibility of companies and provide blade-,
rack- and tower models. As well as the new T (tower) and R (rack) series, we can offer the servers of
the old generation like the 1950 and 2950 rack models and the 2900 tower models, which have still a
high performance.